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Friday, January 1, 2021

Aquaman update


Added the following submissive animations:

- X-Ray Beam.
- Sexy K.O.
- Dissolve Clothes.
- Tentacle Piledriver (all).
- Piston Doggystyle.
- Mating Press.
- Suspended Congress.
- Bent Spoons.
- Creampie.
- Vore.
- Vore Finisher.

Aquaman: download


  1. Can you pls spoil a little bit about your new stuff ? :P

  2. Yes!! Those superheroes deserve it hard and deep - they are built to take it!!

  3. Hi can I know why some move cannot do what I comment to do and the vore why it doesn't give any damage and The vore kuromaru just spit it out back??

  4. Nice work. Please continue to do your best, BlueKim.

  5. I'm looking forward to and miss your other works. Is it possible to have characters in the king of fighters?

  6. Your work is very good. I am excited and grateful to play such a good work for free. Thank you for your efforts, support your work, thank you, and hope to continue

  7. i know this doesn't have anything to do with mugen but what happened to your two other games ????

  8. Hey I am having a bug? after the vore mov, the vore finisher, appears a blue screen that blocks the nfsw scene? is that just me?