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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

July update

 This month I'd like you to try some new NSFW dominant moves I added to Kuromaru, as well as some submissive animations I did some time ago:

[Submissive animations]

- X-Ray Beam
- Sexy K.O.
- Dissolve Clothes
- Crotch Invasion
- Mouth Invasion
- Atten Hut Fellatio
- Bodyguard
- Dildo Leak
- Dildo Shove
- Dildo Vibrate
- Tentacle Drill (all)
- Tentacle Piledriver (all)
- Tentacle Throne
- Underground Tentacles
- Stuck in the Wall
- Breast Pump
- Hypnotic Gas
- Creampie
- Breeding Finisher

[Dominant animations]

Previously known as "Baomaru" moves, they're now renamed as "Breeder" moves. Kuromaru now has 8 Breeder moves, separated in 2 groups.

There's a previous animation now when grabbed succesfully before Kuromaru performs any breeder move.

A little new love meter system has been added as well to reflect submissive's level of pleasure. Whenever an ejaculation occurs from breeder moves will now raise the love meter if the submissive character has ahegao compatibility. Also, if 'z' is pressed during any Breeder move, 'Creampie' animation will be performed by the submissive character.

Power has been adjusted for Breeder moves, they take little HP, but if "Start" button is pressed it takes a lot of HP.

If the submissive character's HP gets to 0 during a Breeder move, "Breeder Finisher" animation will trigger.

Breeder commands are the following: (Remember F is forward, B is back, U is up, D is down, abcxyz are the rest of the keys)

Breeder 1 (D,B,D,F,y) then:

- Piston Doggystyle (F).

- Bent Spoons (D).

- Suspended Congress (B).

- Mating Press (U).

Breeder 2 (D,B,D,F,z) then:

- Full Nelson (D).

- Cowboy (B).

- Blowjob (U).

- Prone Bone (F).

Added a few details to the Breeder 1 moves: edited the animations and sounds.

I have been working at my Patreon on some characters to be compatible with these Kuromaru new moves, I'll be sharing some next time ~


  1. Thank you for your fantastic work.
    I really like your style.

  2. I am new to Mugen but I fell in love with your work! I am just wondering if you are accepting requests. Hoping to hear from you soon 😀

  3. Is sad than the news moves of Breeder 2 dont work with the same kuromaru for to see,but good work hehe

  4. please a bao_compatible how you new chris kim

  5. Please make a Joe higashi compatible with kuromaru, I really love it!