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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Son Gohan's submissive animation update :P

Here's an update.
Added some NSFW animations for Son Gohan. They're all submissive animations, compatible with Kuromaru:

- Tentacle Drill Undress
- Tentacle Drill Suck
- Tentacle Drill Penetrate
- Dog Lick
- Doggystyle
- Doggystyle Knot
- Tentacle Piledriver Undress
- Tentacle Piledriver Drill
- Tentacle Piledriver Penetrate
- Tentacle Piledriver Orgasm
- Tentacle Piledriver Enema
- Tentacle Piledriver Spank 1H
- Tentacle Piledriver Spank 2H
- Tentacle Piledriver Electric Shock
- Tentacle Throne
- Pain Horse
- Underground Tentacles
- Vore
- Piston Doggystyle
- Pyramid
- Suspended Congress
- Bent Spoons
- Creampie
- Sexy K.O.
- Dissolve Clothes
- Tentacle Maiden
- Breeding Finisher
- Vore Finisher 2

Also would like to add that I finally updated the MUGEN download link here. Son Gohan's update is included there too. 

Have fun ^^

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Superboy & Talbain update

Hello~ This is an update to Superboy and John Talbain.

These two characters can perform 5 dominant moves, similar to Kuromaru. You can find their command keys at their respective blog post. (Click on their names above).

Download links are here:


John Talbain


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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Batman's update

Hello~ Here's an update for Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman.

This version has 25 NSFW submissive animations done by me ^^ Enjoy~

The download link can be found here~

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Have fun!


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kuromaru update ~

Hello there~

I've updated Kuromaru. As you may already have seen, I've also updated it's post. It now has more accurate information on the animations and nsfw commands. Check the notes to see what's different.

I added submissive animations on Kuromaru as well:

You can find the current download link at Kuromaru's post.

Minotaur and Slime posts have been updated with their current NSFW commands as well~ (only commands)

I'll soon begin uploading characters I've been doing for the past months~ Stay tuned ^^

Monday, September 5, 2016

Thanks for participating :V

Finally we got the 10 answers to each of the questions from the event! Thanks to everyone that participated, your answers are very useful for me. They tell me a little bit more about what you think and want. ^^

As promised here's the reward character:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand also, here's a video of the next character to become public: Tye Kelly.

He'll be released later this month. ^^

Have fun!

Friday, August 26, 2016

And here's the best part ;D (Day 5/5)

Hello, I've been VERY busy lately and I haven't had the proper time to update everything u_u. You may have noticed that I've reduced this event from 10 to 5 days of questions, I think 10 was a lot for 1 event, so I'll save the other five questions for another event in the future. Good news for people waiting for the prize character I'll be releasing from this event is that this since event has worked very nicely, it will be released very soon after this post questions have been answered. Thanks everybody for participating, I've read all of your answers and they're helping me get to know you more and implement some positive changes in the future. 

Today's topic is "My first time..." on MUGEN :V

I've known of the MUGEN concept for many years but I think it was around 2010 when I first saw a NSFW edit of a male character. The first characters I saw were videos from youtube where I saw edits from こうすけ (Kamijo Toma) and a video of Yuki vs Kuromaru. These videos are now gone from youtube, you may already know that youtube doesn't support NSFW stuff. (Everything NSFW will eventually be gone from there, unless they're unlisted I think).  Also there were Kaisar_p3's edits from forums I don't remember now (Megaman, CVS Ryo Sakazaki). 

I started collecting every male NSFW character I could from everywhere and enjoyed playing these edited characters. Until one day, after finding out there weren't more... and SO MANY female ones, I decided to give it a try. 

So then I began researching on how to make my own edits. xD It took me some time, as it started as a hobby... Hahah, now that we're talking about first times, I want to share with you guys my first EVER attempt on pixelart and MUGEN character editing...

Prepare yourself...




I won't even make a character post for it xD, if you want it simply download it from the link above.

It certainly has become a long journey from the time I did that Shinji edit. I keep learning everyday new stuff... It's all about patience, energy, motivation and time. ^^ I encourage you to try it sometime.

Also I wanted to highlight and share with you the characters I mentioned before (and some others that were edited before I started editing). Let's call them the pioneer characters from the male NSFW content. I thank a lot these people for showing me that this is possible. 

(I consider this person as an indirect teacher, even though we have always had problems with the language barrier xD)

Yuki by ???
(I remember seeing a forum where they posted this edited character long ago, I think it was a group of people who edited this character but I can't find the source)

(Another friend who used to edit MUGEN characters)

Rock Howard by ???

Megaman by Kaisar_p3

Ryo Sakazaki by Kaisar_p3
(Thank you e307 for re-uploading, even Kaisar lost it some time ago)

Bridget (Yes, this is male) by ???
(I would like to know who this editor is, it's a very complete and well done edited character)

Bianca's son by ???
(Few animations but very well done. I'd love to know who did them)

Chris by Kross

Also, some of these characters mentioned above have a little edit from me as seen in the following screenshots. :3 If you want to download them click on their names to find their DL link at their respective character post. 

On a final note, I've removed the message box on the left side of the blog. It was getting very messy :/ so many random people spamming publicity and negativity. If you want to ask me anything you can always send me an email. (Same email address as always:


Okay, time to throw the last questions. Remember we need 10 different people to answer them. After that, the event character will be released. After the event's over the character post will be updated with the download link here

Event rules:

  • Comment each post with the matching question. For example, to answer today's questions just write your answers in the comments from THIS post.
  • Please answer sincerely. This information will help me to get to know you guys and know where to invest more of my efforts.
  • Try to use an alias or username when commenting your answer. Please.
  • Please avoid spamming. I wouldn’t want to stop doing these events because 1 person would spam answers just to get the 10 minimum people.

Even if there are already 10 answers from other people and you want to tell me your thoughts PLEASE do so. Everything helps.

Today I'll ask you to remember...


Since when and how did you find out about MUGEN NSFW (R-18+) content?

Which ones were the first male NSFW  MUGEN characters that you ever saw and where?

I want to read your story :]